Erwin Leonardy
Salvete, omnes!
I am a computer science graduate with passions in mentoring, problem solving, and photography.
I started picking up my first programming-language, C, from an online course offered by Harvard, when I was still a secondary school student. Although I was quite demoralised when I first started learning pointers and data structure, it gave me an excellent foundation of programming.
 I was involved in my school's mentoring program, in which I was the mentor for this project called Project Altair. Project Altair is a four-month structured programme where we groom students into talents who can solve real-world problems with their own digital prototype. 
In my free time, I enjoy reading non-fiction books, learning Machine Learning and doing my own programming projects. I have created a python parser script which is able to parse my school timetable into an .ics file that can be imported to PCs or mobile phone easily.
I also enjoy photography as my pastime. I chiefly do landscape and cityscape. 
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